New Canaan has posted information regarding the COVID Vaccine Schedule. Click on this link Welcome to New Canaan,
The fourth paragraph allows you to access the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) by “clicking here”.
This will take you to the following link: Online VAMS Enrollment (ct.gov) which allows you to begin the registration process
to receive the vaccine.

After you register, you are told to wait for 2 confirmation emails. It may take more than 24 hours. The emails will come at
different times. One is the password to successfully get into the link. The other email has the actual link. Make sure you
check your spam or junk mail to see if it has gone into there! Some people are only receiving one email with a link to set a
password and then they are sent to the scheduling portion.

The key to getting into the VAMS system:

– When asked your eligibility, click on the first choice “I am eligible because I am 75 or older”. The registration site will be
adding the 65+ category in February. Keep checking the site for this update

– When asked: Have you already registered as a vaccine recipient with VAMS? Answer: NO

– Remember to click on all the “I agree” boxes. They can be easy to miss!

– When filling in your ethnicity, click on the desired word and then click on the arrow to place it in the box to the right

Once registered, you will then be able to choose an appointment time and place. Click on the location and then scroll down
and click on “NEXT”. Appointments may be made outside of New Canaan but understand the vaccine supply is not as large
as the demand. As a result, appointment times may have to be made at later dates than desired. When you click on a date,
wait a few seconds for the computer to upload the new date. Keep clicking on dates until you see time slots. Also, as more
vaccine becomes available, more appointments will open up so keep looking on a daily basis if you are having difficulty
finding a vaccine administration site where there are openings.

The following YouTube link from Wilton Human Services has been helpful to many:
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AJy6mA6Nmm0&feature=youtu.be. When asked to sign up for you tube, just click “No
Thanks” and the video will start.

For those individuals who do not have an email or have not received a temporary password, call 877-918-2224: the Vaccine
Appointment Assistance Line. Calls are accepted Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM.

Library Information Desk: For quick assistance (just help filling out the 5 question form when they have functional email
addresses), people can call the Library’s information desk at 203-594-5003.

For troubleshooting email problems, help setting up a new email, and the like, please either refer people to this form or
complete it for them online and we will call them back and help:

If the Library creates an email for someone or otherwise reconciles their email issues, they can also complete the first 5
question form for/with them.

Please reach out to Human Services for further assistance. The main line is 203-594-3076.

Adult/Senior Caseworker: Marcy Rand, LMSW – 203-594-3083 marcella.rand@newcanaanct.gov

Youth/Family Caseworker: Jackie D’Louhy, LCSW – 203-594-3081 jacqueline.dlouhy@newcanaanct.gov

Director: Bethany Zaro, RN, MPH – 203-594-3093 bethany.zaro@newcanaanct.gov