About Us

Committed to Our Community

Conveniently located in New Canaan, Connecticut, Waveny LifeCare Network provides a compassionate continuum of world-class care to serve the changing needs of seniors from all areas.

Committed to our community for over 40 years as a trusted nonprofit, Waveny has sought to provide the highest quality of care since 1975. We proudly offer an array of eldercare choices ranging from residential options and outpatient programs to community-based services, to meet the varied needs and preferences of older adults and their families.

1. Expert clinical support and medical resources

Our families find peace of mind from our enhanced levels of 24/7 personalized care your loved one deserves. With access to Waveny’s full Continuum of Care, including continuous Assisted Living Care and Medication Management, Skilled Nursing, Home Care, or Rehabilitation, our many care and safety resources are always close at hand. This is especially important given Assisted Living Residents often have dynamic, acute cognitive and physiological needs and other challenges.

  • With 24/7 care from our highly trained licensed nursing staff and Medical Director, Residents’ are ensured the best, most sustainable outcomes;
  • We also provide onsite access to key services like nutrition, geriatric psychiatry assessments and customized recreational therapy;
  • We acknowledge each Resident’s individual, needs, the specific requirements of our community’s resident population, and evidence-based healthcare quality criteria.

2. Exceptional Resident Engagement & Experiences

At Waveny, Residents enjoy extraordinary social, cultural and lifelong learning experiences. Geriatric research shows seniors’ health improves and they experience better medical outcomes, when they are socially engaged in learning, exploring and building new life skills.

  • Waveny’s Main Street offers more than 400 vibrant activities each month for your loved one to participate in;
  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Instructors (TRI) lead residents in innovative programs, from music, art & exercise, to storytelling, yoga, horticulture and pet therapy;
  • With an onsite Medical Director and 24/7 nursing oversight, our residents thrive in a safe, secure and enriching environment.

3. Long-term healthcare financial planning and support

At Waveny, you will find a trusted organization as invested in your senior care as you are.

These days, it’s not uncommon for seniors to outlive their savings, as rising healthcare costs create more uncertainty around securing quality, sustainable care.

More than ever, seniors need a long-term healthcare plan that will provide high quality care even as their funds wane.

By providing over $4.5 million in uncompensated care from our own endowment, Waveny offers a unique solution that gives families more peace of mind and allows them to truly age-in-place.

Our Mission

Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the growing needs of adults from all areas. We offer a progression of therapeutic programs, services and living options to enhance quality of life for those we serve.

Our Vision

We seek to provide the highest quality of compassionate, person-centered care in a not-for-profit setting. We are committed to offering services and resources to continually meet and exceed the growing needs of older adults and their families.

Our Values

We hold these values to be fundamental and strive to incorporate them into all we do:


Encourage and assist those we serve to live as independently as circumstances permit through rehabilitation and person-centered care, while fostering an environment of dignity, compassion and personal fulfillment.


Integrate the most innovative and therapeutic resources and techniques into our models of care to maximize the wellness, function, and safety of those we serve.


Adopt interdisciplinary healthcare approaches and cultivate relationships between family, caregivers, friends and members of the professional community.


Attract and retain a skilled and experienced staff that actively shapes our culture, expertise, professionalism and compassion.


Augment the care provided by a professional staff with the dedicated support of trained volunteers, local organizations/foundations, and the community at large.


Adhere to applicable regulations and guidelines while utilizing the most effective and efficient means of achieving our goals.

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