The artwork of Waveny Resident Rosamond Harvey-Smith

Rosamond Harvey- Smith enjoys participating in the weekly therapeutic art program at Waveny Care Center. Blue used to be her favorite color, now it’s tan. She loves to paint birds and flowers and experiment with paint color and tissue paper collage. Rosamond grew up in Mass. Prior to moving to Waveny, Rosamond raised a family and was a realtor in Darien. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, coloring and spending time with family and friends. While at Waveny, Rosamond has participated in many therapeutic recreation programs including painting, chair exercise, music programs and outings. One special outing that Rosamond most enjoyed was a trip to see her son, Michael, in Fairfield who has a farm with chickens, goats, sheep and dogs. TR staff have noticed that Rosamond is a consistent participant in the therapeutic art program. She has grown in confidence and is happy to try out new techniques. Rosamond’s cheerful paintings are on exhibit on the SCU unit at Waveny.