COVID-19 Response

Waveny LifeCare Network’s COVID-19 risk mitigation efforts continue to emphasize quality, application of evidence-based science, and optimized testing, diagnostic and care interventions, Patient & Resident Care Planning, infection control and immune system support.

This is critical given the National Council on Aging’s determination that about 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 68% have at least two. Clearly our seniors can be especially susceptible to COVID-19 exposure due to diabetes, heart disease and lung disease co-morbidities the CDC, Connecticut DPH and leading researchers say predisposes them to greater risk.

Given the continued surge in COVID positive community-wide cases across all demographics, (consistent with a state-wide and national trend), and unpredictable regulatory infection control standards, we will continue to gear our practices to help us exceed CDC and DPH operational standards when at all possible.

With the support of our Medical Director, clinical partners and local health authorities, we are committed to consistently applying rigorous screening, testing, hygiene and infection control protocols.

As the pandemic unfolds, we remain very aware of the risks associated with family, resident and employee interactions throughout the year, especially during holidays and vacation seasons, particularly if travel is involved into hotspots outside our community.

While a potential vaccine may help mitigate exposure risk, we will continue to monitor spikes in our surrounding communities, remain vigilant, and respectfully ask that we all commit to following the Governor’s Executive Orders relating to handwashing, donning of masks, social distancing best practices and self-quarantining when appropriate. In doing so we as a greater community can eradicate the virus.

Consistent with our well established protocols:

  1. Our employees will continue to be retested at least once per week, and twice per week when the COVID-19 positivity rate exceeds the 10% threshold in Fairfield County. If they receive a positive test result, they are not allowed to return to work until they have completed their mandated quarantine period.
  2. We will continue to screen each employee daily before their shift,
  3. Direct care staff will continue to don full PPE and maintain stringent infection control and hygiene protocols;
  4. Asymptomatic Patients and Residents will be continue to be retested;
  5. Patient & Resident Care Plans are judiciously reviewed, and on a daily basis we assess and if appropriate, revise our preventive and clinical measures to positively impact care delivery, in compliance with CDC, DPH and municipal regulatory health best practices.
  6. Optimized cohorting and dedicated staff assignments continue to maximize infection control and containment.

It’s understandable to feel concerned about what the future may hold, but we want to reassure our families and community that Waveny is continuing to apply strict preventive care, testing, monitoring and control procedures to keep our Patients and Residents exceptionally safe, recovered and engaged, regardless of how the pandemic may or may not evolve over time.

Resident and staff testing continues, individualized care plans remain fully operational, and we are relentlessly focused on doing our part to protect those assigned to our care. We will continue to closely monitor and retest as appropriate to ensure our clients’ optimal health and peace of mind, and where necessary, ensure they achieve full recovery and recuperation.

We wish to thank the families of our Residents and Patients for their sustained cooperation, patience and engagement, as well as, our clinical partners and members of our community who continue to provide heartfelt support for our residents, patients, staff, organization and appreciation of our team’s commitment to clinical excellence and compassionate care.