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Volunteering at Waveny

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Join our volunteer team, and have fun while making a positive difference in the lives of others!


Every day, our volunteers reaffirm Waveny's reputation for excellence with their hard work and dedication. Together, our volunteers donate approximately 8,000 service hours to Waveny each year - that's the equivalent of more than four full-time staff members!

Our volunteers share their talents and enthusiasm with the residents, patients and participants throughout Waveny's family of healthcare services. They are spirited, special people who augment our professional staff, provide connections to the outside community, and provide one-on-one attention to those we serve.

Volunteer at Waveny!Volunteers give their time and talent

Incorporate Your Interests

Assist with Daily Activities 

  • Serve tea or host social hour
  • Assist at the nurses' station
  • Help serve breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Help manage the library
  • Volunteers bring joy to those we serve in big and small ways alikeEscort patients to events and activities
  • Visit with seniors who appreciate your company
  • Provide transportation
  • Assist our front desk and help with office work
  • Discover interdepartmental opportunities for volunteer work
Junior Volunteers

Our Junior Volunteers are an especially important resource at Waveny. These young adults take time out of their busy schedules to share their enthusiasm and energy with others. With parental permission, students through high school age are eligible to be Junior Volunteers. Students work in areas appropriate to their interests and maturity level.

An 8 year old volunteer introduces an 89 year old resident to Skype

Our Junior Volunteers share their expertise with technology


Volunteer Guidelines

  • All prospective volunteers should first schedule an introductory meeting with our Director of Volunteers.
  • Interested candidates will be asked to attend a general orientation session.
  • Please do not report for duty if you have a cold, sore throat or symptom of a contagious illness. When possible, notify the Volunteer Office in advance of any cancellation.
  • Volunteers are asked to wear their Waveny name badges at all times while on duty.
  • Volunteers must respect and keep confidential all information about Waveny's patients, residents and Adult Day Program participants.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to attend Waveny's educational programs and inservices so they may enhance their understanding of Waveny LifeCare Network's mission, services and standards of conduct.
  • A volunteer appreciation celebration and award ceremony is held each year with awards presented to Waveny volunteers based on hours and years of service.

Join Us!

To learn more or to schedule a meeting, please call 203.594.5334 or email us today!

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Alternatively, if you wish to download and print an application, you may:

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