Excellence in Rehabilitation

At Waveny Care Center, we value and understand the importance of rehabilitative care, and offer a continuum of inpatient, outpatient and home-based services to help patients achieve their most successful outcomes. In addition to our core physical, occupational and speech therapies, we provide therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling and health promotion programs to complement our rehabilitative services. Our experienced rehabilitation therapy staff will effectively treat and support you in reaching your highest potential, while strictly adhering to your doctor’s orders. Enjoy a virtual tour of our inpatient and outpatient centers today.

Inpatient Physical Therapy at Waveny Care Center

Inpatient Physical Therapy at Waveny Care Center

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are committed to providing an optimum level of care and excellence in practice. They employ exercise and therapeutic strategies to address impairments resulting from orthopedic, neurological or cardiopulmonary conditions, while providing the expertise and motivation necessary to help our patients reach their goals.

Occupational Therapy

For those whose ability to function has been impaired by physical injury, disease or disability, our skilled occupational therapists can help to increase or restore the highest level of independence in activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, homemaking and social experiences, through specialized therapies designed to improve function.

Speech Therapy

Our speech pathologists work with patients who have undergone procedures affecting speech and language capabilities, or who have impairments due to neurological disorders that impact speech, swallowing and/or cognition.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Whether following an inpatient stay or aiding in your recovery from an injury, illness or medical condition that requires rehabilitative therapy, our outpatient rehabilitation services are available to everyone age 16 and older. For your convenience, we offer a dedicated gym and parking lot for patients receiving outpatient therapies and services. Click to learn more about Outpatient Rehabiliation at Waveny.

Skilled Nursing Care

For individuals who require ongoing care from an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, our 5-star skilled nursing facility provides excellent short- and long-term care. We also offer a secure, specialized unit for the care of individuals with advanced memory impairment and dementia.

In response to the growing and changing needs of those we serve, Waveny Care Center is pleased to offer an award-winning wound care program, wound VACs, IV therapies, and rounding physician specialists in neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, wounds and pain management. We are also proud to offer a therapeutic outdoor patio and the Healing Touch program, which utilizes a holistic approach to complement clinical care.

Consecutively 5-star rated by CMS, year after year

Waveny Care Center is one of the top care facilities in the nation

Listed among the best nursing homes in the nation, Waveny encourages and assists individuals to live with dignity and as independently as circumstances permit. Our reputation for excellence is rooted in our patient-oriented philosophy, person-centered approach, and the talent of our experienced, compassionate staff. Our well-rounded recreation program provides a variety of therapeutic leisure activities to enhance the quality of life and independence of those in our care.

Therapeutic Recreation and Music Therapy in our Special Care Unit for Advanced Memory Support

An important part of our therapeutic recreation program, we are pleased to assist our residents with innovative ways to stay in touch using Facetime and Skype technology.

See our Activities Calendars for the exciting programs happening this month at Waveny Care Center

Waveny Care Center participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and accepts both private and long-term care insurance as appropriate.

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