May 30, 2020

Waveny LifeCare Network COVID-19 Daily Update
for Residents, Patients, and Families

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we as a community - our Residents, Patients and Employees, as well as our larger, local community - have come together as a close knit family, more interconnected and interdependent than ever before.

We’ve combined our resources and efforts with the singular mission of caring for our most vulnerable, given that this cruel disease indiscriminately attacks those of advanced age, making them disproportionately susceptible due to their underlying comorbidities.

We acknowledge that it has been especially difficult for our families to feel what must be a greater sense of helplessness by not being able to assist in your loved one’s care, or even be as physically present to provide a loving touch, hug, or embrace—all taken away by the need to maintain “safe” social distancing.

Similarly, we are hopeful that this crisis has brought us - your Families and Waveny’s Employees - closer together through a greater mutual appreciation, respect, and a spirit of collaboration.

Please join us in committing to continue this level of enriched communication and cooperation. Our frontline workers have sacrificed much. Today signifies an important milestone:

·     No new COVID Patient nor Resident case has been identified in several weeks;

·     Our comprehensive testing which consists of specific retesting in order to calibrate care; and,

·     Maximize where possible each individual Patient and Resident’s recovery and recuperation.

With very limited cases still testing positive, protecting individual and personal health information is becoming more difficult to ensure HIPPA compliance. For this reason, we will be discontinuing these Daily Family Communications in aggregate, but remain fully committed to providing up-to-date clinical information through your loved one’s nurse manager.

Should a new Patient or Resident not previously being tracked test positive for COVID-19, we will most assuredly inform all Resident families.

Importantly, we will also continue to honor any Skype, Facetime, or video chat requests, along with scheduled through-window meetings. Thank you again for your continued support, thoughts, prayers, and donations that have supported all of us in offering the highest quality of care to our Residents and Patients.


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