April 26, 2020

daily communications

April 26, 2020

Waveny LifeCare Network COVID-19 Daily Update
for Residents, Patients, and Families

It is our top priority to maintain the highest clinical protocols to support our patients’ and residents’ best outcomes. One of Waveny’s key assets in this regard continues to be our close collaboration with local hospitals, public health officials, and other key stakeholders.

On a daily basis we re-assess and if appropriate, revise our care and preventive measures to positively impact care delivery in compliance with CDC’s and  DPH’s regulatory health best practices.

We greatly appreciate the support from all parties in our community, and especially acknowledge our families in light of their needs, and the unfolding challenges our team is prepared to overcome every day. We continue to be strongly committed to be as responsive as possible to your concerns.

Aggregate data can be found at: https://www.waveny.org/daily-statistics

The Village

We just welcomed back one Village Resident to our Care Center from a local healthcare facility where they initially tested positive for COVID-19.  The Resident had subsequently received a negative test result, but unfortunately developed other complications while away. We are looking forward to welcoming our Resident back to strongly support their continued recovery.

Care Center

See above pending notes (patient was originally a Resident of the Village).  There are no other changes at the Care Center to report.

The Inn

The Inn continues to have no positive cases of COVID-19.

Waveny Home Care

There are no changes to report related to Home Care division clients.

Below is Today’s Daily Update, which reflects only the changes from yesterday’s information as it relates to the COVID-19 virus and Waveny’s patients, residents, and caregiver status.


Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Residing within Waveny: 0

Village (Memory Care): 0  

Care Center (Full Skilled Nursing): 0              

Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Hospitalized: 0

Changes in the Number of COVID-related Deaths (confirmed and presumed): 0

Village: 0                                                          

Care Center: 0                                                                            

Changes in the Number of Employees who are COVID-19 Positive or Presumed Positive: 0

Employees with Direct Care: 0            

Employees with Non-Direct Care: 0

Changes in the Total of ALL Confirmed and Presumed COVID-19 Cases of Residents, Patients, and Employees: 0                                                            

Village: 0                                                            

Care Center: 0                                                    

Home Care: 0                                                  

Employees: 0                                                  


Please know that especially on the weekend, our team’s top priority is to provide compassionate personalized care to each of our residents and patients. We are working to earn your continued patience and support each and every day.  For our patients and residents that are in end-of-life care in our long-term care division, even through this pandemic, we continue the practice under strict isolation of allowing their immediate family to visit and will continue to honor and respect these practices and their family. Please continue to keep each other and our community in your thoughts and prayers.

Your nursing supervisor will have specific medical details on your family member. Please continue to reach out to them on clinical issues and to me on non-clinical issues. We will continue to provide consistent written communications during this pandemic, and honor your ongoing engagement and understanding.


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