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Administrator in Training Completes Fieldwork at Waveny

Administrator in Training Completes Fieldwork at Waveny

Posted on December 10, 2015

Hawaiian native and Administrator in Training, Kelsey Painter, completed the first phase of her required fieldwork through a 3-month, 450 hour internship at Waveny LifeCare Network of New Canaan, Conn. Ms. Painter’s on-site work alongside Waveny’s Administrator, Ron Bucci, LNHA, was a vital part of her graduate program in Long Term Healthcare Management at UConn, which will prepare her to obtain licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator. “This has been an invaluable life experience and has given me the foundation I need for the future,” said Painter. “I feel excited and prepared to bring everything I’ve learned to my next internship. My experience here at Waveny made me know for certain that this is definitely the right career path for me.”