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Adult Day Program Goes Around the World in a Day!

Adult Day Program Goes Around the World in a Day!

Posted on February 25, 2015

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Categories: Adult Day Program, Waveny Events

February 25th was a day for world travelers in Waveny LifeCare Network’s Adult Day Program! From touring the world’s most famous taverns and saloons, to exploring musical culture worldwide, an entire day of programming and activities was devoted to globetrotting. For lunch, participants stopped for a “layover” in Italy and dined at their very own Italian Bistro. Afterward, travel paths diverged with choices between adventuring through Europe or exploring the colorful Caribbean through a personalized calypso spa experience. For more information on Waveny’s Adult Day Program, which is available weekdays and provides free local transportation, please call 203.594.5331 or visit waveny.org.