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Specialty Voice Therapies Now Offered Through Waveny LifeCare Network

Specialty Voice Therapies Now Offered Through Waveny LifeCare Network

Posted on June 12, 2014

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Categories: Home-Based Services, Waveny Care Center

Waveny LifeCare Network is pleased to announce the launch of a voice therapy specialty program on both an outpatient and home-based basis through Waveny’s rehabilitation services and Waveny Home Healthcare.

Led by speech-language pathologist, Sally Connolly, MS, CCC-SLP, voice therapy offered through Waveny can address a variety of needs stemming from medical conditions or trauma, or even help to enhance normal vocal functions like projection or singing. Many factors can lead to lost or reduced vocal function,” said Connolly. “Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease can negatively impact one’s voice and speech, as can other conditions or physical conditions such as cancer or trauma to the larynx. Voice therapy can help significantly in many of these cases.”

This type of therapy can also assist with common vocal conditions, and even help to improve speech projection and delivery. “Many people experience frustration due to a hoarse or breathy voice, while others have difficulty projecting their voices in specific social settings or in the workplace,” said Connolly. “In fact, sometimes people lose their speaking voice or parts of their vocal range completely. In these instances, voice therapy can often restore or improve the voice and provide more personal control. It’s an appropriate method of treatment for public speakers, professional singers, older adults and anyone else who would like to improve their verbal expression abilities.”

A professional singer and flutist, Connolly can personally attest to the value of vocal therapy, as her own personal experience with vocal loss and subsequent treatment was a driving force in shaping her career path as a speech pathologist. “I lost part of my vocal range while I was in college at Brown University,” said Connolly. “In my Speech Pathology program at Boston University, I had the honor of completing a specialty clinical placement at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary alongside professional singers and speech-language pathologists and was able to apply the therapy techniques I learned to resolve my own voice issues.”

Connolly received her undergraduate degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and later went on to earn a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She has completed additional continuing education courses geared towards physicians and speech-language pathologists held at Yale University, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Misericordia University on the topics of Laryngology Disorders, Pediatric Airway, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders and Estill Voice Training (EVT).

To find out more about Waveny’s specialty voice and speech therapies conveniently offered on either an outpatient or in-home basis, please call Waveny’s Outpatient Rehabilitation department at (203) 594-5335.

Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of care – now including Home Healthcare – to serve the growing needs of older adults from all areas. Waveny is a not-for-profit organization that offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living for people with Alzheimer’s and memory loss at The Village, and skilled nursing at Waveny Care Center. It also includes the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, Geriatric Care Management, an Adult Day Program that offers flexible weekday hours and transportation, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services, and respite programs. For information call (203) 1-855-WAVENY-1 or visit www.waveny.org.

Photo: Speech-language pathologist, Sally Connolly, MS, CCC-SLP, leads Waveny’s new voice therapy specialty program.