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Bank of America Awards Grant to Waveny to Aid Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Posted on January 29, 2008

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation presents a check in the amount of $4,500 to Waveny Care Center for the purpose of establishing and funding a new scholarship fund, which will allow rehab patients to purchase specific devices to aid in post-stroke recovery. From left to right: Waveny representatives Joanne Boyer, Development Manager; Michael Bird, CFO; Heather Neff, CEO were joined by Judi Cyr, Senior Vice President; and Mary Barcus, Market Executive from Bank of America.

New Canaan – The Bank of America Charitable Foundation recently awarded a generous grant to Waveny Care Center to help establish and fund the “Leading The Way” Scholarship Fund, which will provide assistance to qualified participants in Waveny’s Bioness® technology-focused Stroke Rehabilitation Program, in purchasing their own devices to supplement their outpatient therapy with an important home program component. 

Waveny’s newly-established Stroke Rehabilitation Program offers patients a comprehensive recovery regimen featuring the latest advancements in post-stroke therapy: the revolutionary Bioness® NESS H200™ (hand) and NESS L300™ (leg) electrical stimulation systems. With the help of these devices, stroke patients are able to intensify their therapy and even regain lost function. Currently, Waveny is the only skilled nursing facility in the state of Connecticut to offer therapy using both devices to help patients with life-altering neurological disorders to regain independence and improve quality of life.

“Waveny is thrilled to have received this generous grant to launch our ‘Leading the Way’ Scholarship Fund,” said Anne Newton, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Waveny. “This fund will allow patients in financial need to complement their therapy at Waveny with a home program using their very own personal devices, which they may not have been able to afford otherwise.”

“The home program component is an essential part of this technology-based Stroke Rehabilitation Program,” explained Newton. “It involves continued exercise using the Bioness device(s) between rehab sessions, which research has shown to be critical for maximizing patient outcomes. For individuals whose hand function has been affected by stroke, our therapists can program individual H200™ devices with a regimen of specific exercises to continue muscle re-education on the patient’s own time. Also, while at home, patients can opt to use the device as an orthosis, as it can be used to assist with common activities of daily living that involve grasping, picking up, or maneuvering objects. For patients whose gait has been affected by foot drop due to stroke, the wireless L300™ device truly becomes an essential every-day tool, designed to help ‘normalize’ walking and regain mobility. Regular use of this leg device outside of therapy sessions is particularly essential in optimizing outcomes and quality of life.”

“The Bank of America Charitable Foundation is pleased to support Waveny Care Center in helping to facilitate the community’s access to the latest advances in technology for stroke rehabilitation, and to assist patients in exploring options for personal recovery that may not be available otherwise,” said William R. Tommins, Market President, Bank of America, Fairfield County. “In line with the Bank's commitment to community health and well-being, we are proud to support Waveny ’s new ‘Leading the Way’ scholarship fund as well as its other programs designed to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens throughout Fairfield County.”

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