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As the Temp Soars, New Canaan Seniors Chill

As the Temp Soars, New Canaan Seniors Chill

Posted on June 9, 2011

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By Melvin Mason
The Daily New Canaan

Rita Price knows just what to do when sweltering heat comes to New Canaan — as it did Wednesday.

She does absolutely nothing, preferably while seated on a bench outside of the New Canaan Inn with cold lemonade and water within easy reach.

“It’s better to be out of the sunlight than in it,” said Price, 86, relaxing in the shade on a hazy day in New Canaan. Had Wednesday’s weather been cooler, she might have taken a walk from the senior living facility’s entrance to Oenoke Ridge Road. Instead, Price thought it better to enjoy a seat with friend Mary Tomasi, 81. “It’s nice to sit outside under the trees,” Price added.

Tomasi agreed that slow is the way to go when temperatures rise into the 90s. “You try not to do a lot,” she said, cool cup of water in hand.

And when it gets too hot, the ladies can enjoy their drinks and the chill of air conditioning inside. New Canaan Inn Administrator Ann Callahan said the senior living facility has a hydration program to keep its 41 residents in good shape on extraordinarily hot days.

“We have a lot of education about dehydration and heat stroke,” said Callahan. On really warm days, she said, “we try to have them drink a little more than normal. There’s a lot of education and easy access to liquids.”

Seniors at the Waveny Care Center off Farm Road spent most of Wednesday indoors keeping hydrated, said Waveny Care Marketing Director Kristin Sinatra. Some also did t’ai chi exercises.

Price expects she may find herself on the shade-covered bench again Thursday, forecast to be even hotter than Wednesday. Tomasi, however, had an even better solution. “I might just stay in the bathroom tub,” she said.