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Waveny LifeCare Network Recognizes and Celebrates its Many Volunteers

Waveny LifeCare Network Recognizes and Celebrates its Many Volunteers

Posted on June 8, 2017

Waveny’s volunteers recognized this year for 50 hours of service (L-R): Megan Archino on behalf of her sister Kristen Raffaele, Alex Montano, Nellie Lalanne, Constance Furlan, Victoria Furlan, Hailey Bacon, Director of Volunteers, Deb Perron; Natalie Bacon, Saitrisha Gulappa, Sister Kui, Martha Porretta and Kip Rand-Riccardi

Waveny LifeCare Network celebrated its many volunteers for their individual contributions of time and talent throughout the nonprofit eldercare organization, including Waveny Care Center, The Village, the Adult Day Program and The Inn

The event marked the mid-point of a week-long celebration in honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, which was themed Volunteers: Making the World a Brighter Place. More than 200 volunteers gathered together on ‘Main Street’ at The Village in recognition of their service to Waveny throughout the year. 

Nearly 50 active Waveny volunteers were recognized for service-hour milestones ranging from 50 to 3,500 hours. Additionally, 29 loyal volunteers received awards commemorating their anniversaries of 5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 years of service at Waveny. 

“When asked why people volunteer, I say, ‘Oh there are many reasons,’” said Deb Perron, Waveny’s Director of Volunteers. “But I can tell you that it’s the fastest way to make yourself happy. To know that you’re the reason for someone else’s smile and happiness is pretty powerful.”

Following additional words of thanks from Todd Lampert, Chairman of the Board, Bill Piper, CEO, and Rebecca Albrecht, VP of Human Resources, awards were presented to the following volunteers for their outstanding service-hour milestones:

  • 3,500 Hours: Dominick Gredoni
  • 1,000 Hours: Jo Ann Dwyer 
  • 500 Hours: Chris Dreifaldt, Pat Wood
  • 400 Hours: Caroline Montalvo
  • 300 Hours: Rebecca Serven
  • 250 Hours: Martha Castillo, Sarah Davidson, Michelle Dore, Millicent Gangi, Lynn Hohl, Larry Kenney, Frances McAleer, Sophia Salvatore, Elaine & Lester Sharlach, Ron Zitani
  • 100 Hours: Corey Benz, Emma Castiglione, Christine Chivily, Margie Doran, Collen Fecke, Assiah Ford, Marilyn Gifford, Victoria Lowe, Luis Maia Dantas, Allia Nolan, Natalia Sacristan-Romero, Erica Siegel
  • 50 Hours: Hailey Bacon, Natalie Bacon, Michael Bellacicco, Susan Betterly, Charlotte DeNicola, Janet Firmery, Jaden Ford, Constance Furlan, Lea Furlan, Victoria Furlan, Saitrisha Gulappa, Sister Kui, Nellie Lalanne, Scotty Luntz, Dante Manello, Ellen McMahon, Alexandra Montano, Tyler Pannetti, Martha Porretta, Kristen Raffaele, Kip Rand-Riccardi, Laura Talbot, Leslie Williams  

Recognition awards for years of service were presented to:

  • 30 Years:  Marion Blose
  • 25 Years:  Elizabeth Grymes and Judy Gilroy
  • 20 Years:  Molly DePatie and Ruth Johnson
  • 15 Years: Sheila McMann, Betsy Messert, Barbara Olsen, Sue Sherwood and Chris Snell
  • 10 Years: Virginia Celaya-Lowry, Debbie & Frank Haines, Daniel Kraus, Flo Milano, Dorie Pease, Richard St. Francis and Laura Tensen
  • 5 Years:  Evelyn Aman, June Bird, Jo Bodak, Christine Burke, Dionna Carlson, Fran Crake, Judy Gemza, Mazie Moorer, Mary Jane O’Grady, Susan Staudt Riker, Irene Swanson and Jennifer Weintraub

Volunteers and Junior Volunteers help in a variety of ways throughout Waveny LifeCare Network’s continuum of care. Volunteer roles are tailored to individual skills and interests, with orientation and training sessions provided on-site at Waveny. In addition to providing one-on-one attention, they assist with activities for Waveny’s seniors by helping with social hour, afternoon tea, window painting, reception, gardening and flower arranging. They help with special projects in Waveny’s dining, administrative, development and therapeutic recreation departments, and also lead a variety of intergenerational programs, which include running the General Store or playing games and cards. To learn more about volunteering at Waveny, please contact Deb Perron at 203.594.5334.

Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the changing needs of older adults from all areas. Waveny is a nonprofit organization that offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living and short-term respite care for people with memory impairment at The Village, and skilled nursing, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Waveny Care Center. It also includes the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, an Adult Day Program that provides free door-to-door transportation throughout most of lower Fairfield County, and an array of community-based services through Waveny Home Healthcare, Waveny at Home and Geriatric Care Management. For more information, call 1-855-WAVENY-1 or inquire online.

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