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Westchester Senior Voice Reports: "A Love Story: 61 Years and Counting"

Westchester Senior Voice Reports: "A Love Story: 61 Years and Counting"

Posted on February 14, 2017

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NEW CANAAN, Conn. – Debbie and Donald Berman, Dave to his friends, have been married for 61 years. Their mothers were friends and the two of them had known each other since they were kids. But that all changed when they were in high school. Debbie asked her mother to set up a date with her friend’s son, Dave. “Something about him caught my eyes,” said Debbie. “He was very polite, a great sense of humor and it did not hurt that he was a handsome guy.”

They dated all through high school and college. She went to the University of Michigan while he was at Yale. After college, Dave joined the Army. On July 31, 1955, they married – while he was still serving in the Army.

They both cherish the memory of their wedding day: where it was held, the rabbi, and the friends and family that attended. After the wedding, Debbie joined Dave in Germany until he finished his tour of duty.

The Bermans settled in Stamford, CT, where they raised three sons. Dave was in the wholesale meat and grocery business prior to retiring and Debbie found her own professional success in an antique business. Today, they are the proud grandparents of six and live at Waveny in New Canaan, CT.

The Bermans credit their strong close family ties for their six-plus decades of marriage. As to their answer to the age-old question, “What is the secret to a successful long marriage?” Dave quickly replied, “Don’t argue – and if you do, let her win!” Debbie smiled in agreement but added, “He makes me laugh a lot.”

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