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Daily Voice Reports: "Waveny's Adult Day Program Participants Explore What They Love"

Daily Voice Reports: "Waveny's Adult Day Program Participants Explore What They Love"

Posted on February 7, 2017

See full article by Chris Langone

NEW CANAAN, Conn. – Whether it’s sailing, dancing, singing or exploring, the Adult Day Program at Waveny LifeCare Network allows participants to enjoy their favorite hobbies and discover new ones, all in a caring and compassionate setting.

The Adult Day Program allows seniors to enjoy a broad range of cultural and recreational programs offered at Waveny, without having to be an overnight resident. Each week, Anne Pelisson, supervisor of the Adult Day Program, creates an extensive and varied schedule of activities for all program participants. From exploring Waveny’s gardens and eating lunch with friends to participating in yoga, Tai Chi, music, exercise and games, day participants can discover something new each day.

“We try to do something that’s physically, cognitively and spiritually stimulating,’’ Pelisson said. “It’s always a combination of things. We have different leaders with different backgrounds.”

Pelisson’s challenge is developing events that cater to the seniors’ wide range of physical and emotional needs. Some are high functioning, while others have mobility and cognitive challenges.

Bill Gray, an Adult Day Program participant and former naval architect and marine engineer, has come to see Waveny as more than just a care setting. Instead, it’s a place where he can enjoy old activities and discover new pastimes.

"When Bill was diagnosed with dementia, Waveny was one of the first caregiving programs that my friend referred me to," said Faith Gray, Bill’s wife. "A couple of things that appealed to me right away were the variety of activities offered and different types of stimulation like exercise in the morning, musical activities, creative things and so much more."

"Both Bill's neurologist and cardiologist have said openly that the Day Program contributes powerfully to his health and well-being," said Gray.

Working with Pelisson, Gray presented a nautical-themed talk, discussing his life on the high seas. The Norwalk resident sailed in the prestigious America's Cup yacht race and spent his life working on ships. He shared stories of the race and described his work building ships and oil tankers, including the Manhattan -- once the world's largest oil tanker.

"Letting Bill lead the nautical program and share his life's passion with the group was a such a special moment for our family,” said Faith Gray. “We are so grateful to Waveny for giving him the opportunity."

The Adult Day Program at Waveny LifeCare Network offers weekday activities and free transportation to help seniors stay active, stimulated and healthy. For more information, visit Waveny LifeCare Network's website. 

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