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Volunteer Square Blog: Waveny Volunteer Named Volunteer Square’s Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer Square Blog: Waveny Volunteer Named Volunteer Square’s Volunteer of the Month

Posted on January 10, 2017

See full article by Julianne Alberty

As we enter 2017, Volunteer Square is excited to recognize exceptional individuals that donate their time and energy to nonprofit organizations across Fairfield County. These volunteers make a true impact in the lives of others and strengthen their communities every day. Each month we will recognize an outstanding individual for their service and share their story with you.

Our January Volunteer of the Month is Raimi Jones. Raimi, an Easton resident, joined VolunteerSquare.com in 2013. One of the early volunteer members to join the site, she was connected with Waveny LifeCare Network as her first opportunity. Waveny was seeking volunteers to play board games with some of their residents and as a game lover, Raimi immediately applied for the opportunity. She began her weekly visits to Waveny to play scrabble with a group of residents and knew it was a perfect match. Debbie Perron, Director of Volunteers, said she knew right away that “Raimi would make a wonderful volunteer.” As time went on members of the scrabble group stopped coming for various reasons, but Raimi continued her weekly scrabble night with a resident named Vivian. She and Vivian quickly developed a friendship and Raimi said she considers her extended family.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Raimi and Vivan at the start of one of their game nights and you can immediately feel the connection between the two. A connection that goes beyond being scrabble opponents, they have formed a lovely friendship. Raimi noted that they often check in on each other through the week and Vivian will call Raimi to make sure she gets home safely if there is bad weather. “It’s heart warming to see a relationship like this where a volunteer is so loyal and committed to an opportunity and individual,” said Debbie Perron, Director of Volunteers.

Raimi, a Database Developer who runs her own company, was raised with volunteering in her life and has a long history of service projects. When she lived in Manhattan as a student she volunteered, with her father, at the International Center. She worked in the program department, while her father was a conversation partner. As a full-time student, she attended school during the day, worked at night and spent her Friday evenings at the International Center. She shared that it was her way to give back and also a social outlet for her. After the International Center, she and her father volunteered for Meals on Wheels, in NYC, before moving to CT.

When Raimi is not playing scrabble at Waveny, she spends her free time raising foster dogs. She is an avid reader and book club member and loves to go hiking. In addition to creating a special relationship with Vivian, Raimi is helpful in other areas at Waveny too, often using her database expertise to assist Debbie with projects.

We are thrilled to recognize Raimi as our first Volunteer of the Month and thank her for her dedication to Waveny and for all her previous service work. We hope that her story will inspire others to get involved in their communities and make a difference in the life of someone in need.

For more information about how to get involved with Waveny LifeCare Network or other Fairfield County nonprofits, visit VolunteerSquare.com. Opportunities are posted daily and you can sign up for custom email alerts. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

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